Feedback/survey system for businesses

Description:Anketservisi.com was a service that provides survey system for businesses. Customers scan the QR code on the tables, then our responsive page welcomes them and provide survey that customized for bussiness.
Role:Co-Founder, Lead Engineer
As Co-Founder of Anketservisi.com, my role was dealing with all the technical aspect of the project like

- Getting domain,

- Setting up Wordpress environment,

- Finding suitable theme, editing theme,

- Designing logo and related graphics,

- Finding and implementing and editing necessary plugins,

- Managing DB, backing-up DB and files,

- Language support of website(Turkish),

entegration with other services like emailing were my responsibilities.
We designed bussiness specific QR codes for tables
Detailed statistics and feedbacks provided to businesses
Detailed statistics and feedbacks provided to businesses
Our survey system were supporting many different tools like:

- Form elements

- File upload

- Multiple selection

- Like - Dislike

- Rich text editor

- Code embedding

- Captcha

- Rating

- Sliders

- Smileys

We stopped service of Anketservisi.com and it is not online anymore.

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