Event Tracking Website

Description:Followent means follow + event. It is an event tracking website for students in our University(METU). There were hundreds of Social Community that organize many events during the semester and followent notified students related to this events.
Role:Co-Founder, Lead Engineer
As Co-Founder of Followent, my role was dealing with all the technical aspect of the project. Basically, getting domain, setting up Wordpress environment, finding suitable theme, editing theme, designing logo and related graphics, finding and implementing and editing necessary plugins, language support of website(Turkish), managing DB, backing-up DB and files, entegration with other services like google calendar, notification system of users were my responsibilities.
We managed to reach hundreds of social clubs in multiple universities and provided them a dedicated page to express themselves and ability to add their events.
We organized a party to launch our project and tried to expand our network. I designed the poster and related graphics.

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