Applicant tracking system

Description:HelloGustav is streamline the distribution of job requisitions and communication with sub-vendor community through full integration into applicant tracking system.
Technology:React,Redux,Phonix.js,Styled Components,Webpack,
Role:Senior Frontend Engineer
HelloGustav was a Vienna based start-up. Team was remote and distrubuted to all over the world.

We designed a real-time dashboard like trello, drag and drop support for candidate management. React DnD used for this usage.

My role started with creation of Smart Containers, Redux layer and data connection of these containers. I was involved in the beginning of project and bootstraped the web app. I used React Boilerplate and followed best practices of React Community, configured Webpack for our need. Configured routing, dynamic reducer, saga injection, connected socket layer to Redux. After structural part was completed, I started helping other developers about UI components.
We implemented custom PDF Reader for React and real-time internal messaging system.

I coded the PDF Reader part by using Pdf.Js

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