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Description:ScoreBeyond, a service that helps students prepare for standardized tests like the SAT,ACT. The ScoreBeyond app gives students a daily progress report of their skills as they prepare for the test, as well as daily exercises to improve their skills in certain subjects.
Technology:React,Redux,React Native,Styled Components,Webpack,
Role:Senior Frontend Engineer
ScoreBeyond was a Menlo Park based start-up that acquired by LinkedIn in Jan 2018. ScoreBeyond had a mobile DNA, and it brings together disparate technologies (mobile, personalization, in-app purchasing, push notifications, data visualization, motivation science, neuroscience) to offer the most effective test prep ever. ScoreBeyond had overwhelming support from educators, investors, and especially over 160,000 students who have used and loved product. Score Beyond was proud to have helped thousands of students excel on standardized tests and accomplish their educational goals.

Linkedin: Scorebeyond

Techcrunch.com: ScoreBeyond, A Standardized Test Prep App, Raises $2.8M

Crunchbase.com: ScoreBeyond
My role in ScoreBeyond as only Front End Engineer was working closely with CTO, developing and launching new features.

I was responsible with 3 Web Apps and 2 Mobile Apps coded with React and React Native. I applied best practices of React, therefore it became easy to manage all these apps.

I set up Jenkins in AWS instance and configured CI, CD tools to speed up development and deployment and testing process.Connected to our github and slack accounts.

I managed to share codes between web and mobile with React Components.

Scorebeyond is part of LinkedIn now, therefore there is no online website.

Mobile apps I contributed:

itunes.apple.com scorebeyond-inc

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